How to Download and Install Hotstar ad Blocker for Chrome Extension Now!

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Are you one of those who become annoyed with the continuous ad breaks that spoil your mood of streaming videos? If yes, you should know a remedy to resolve this problem. Yes, besides an Ad Blocker extension for music streaming, now we also have an ad blocker extension for video streaming. Using this Hotstar Ad Blocker Extension, you can block or stop all the unskippable and interrupting ads that disturb you in between watching videos. Besides blocking ads, installing the Hotstar Ad Blocker Chrome Extension offers user-friendly features. Remember, accessing these features while watching videos helps you to enhance your streaming experience. If you want to collect more information on them and their working abilities, feel free to chase the downward information. So, install this extension now on your device without any further delay, and let the magic begin.   


Top-Notch Features Of Hotstar Ad Blocker

Besides enabling blocking ads while streaming movies and shows at Hotstar. Accessing this extension also provides accessible and top-notch features. Remember, using these features promises a lot and provides a binge-free streaming experience. So let’s have a look at them: 

1. Free And Easily Available 

Installing this Ad Blocker extension doesn’t charge you anything, as it is freely accessible. You don’t need to wander anywhere as it is easily available at the Chrome Web Store at no cost.

2. Block All The Hotstar Ads

This user-friendly extension doesn’t take too long to block all ads. Hence, you can enjoy watching your favorite running scene in the video without any pauses. Plus, you don’t need to wait any longer for the next scene to end.

3. Safest Tools: 

The Ad Blocker by Hotstar is also known to be the safest online extension tool. Using it will never risk your data privacy at any cost, making it a guaranteed tool.    

4. Lightweight Extension 

Don’t worry if you want to download Hotstar Ad Blocker Extension on your device. It won’t require much space to store or access on your device. That means you are wrong if you think using it on your system will impact your internet speed.

5. User-Friendly

Another feature that makes it more palpable among people is its user-friendly quality. That lets you remove all the disturbing and unskippable Hotstar ads interrupting you between streaming videos.  

6. Extension Works Automatically 

This feature describes its automatic launching quality that requires no special effort after downloading. Hence, you can escape from making any special efforts to enable this extension on your system.

7. Various Compatible Devices 

This Ad Blocker Hotstar has an inbuilt ability to work compatibly with different devices such as Chromebook devices, Windows, and macOS. Consequently, it gives you a lot of options to pick the one that suits you the best. 

How Can You Download Hotstar Ad Blocker Extension? 

You don’t need to go anywhere, as you have plenty of information guidelines here. So please don’t wait; follow them to download Hotstar Ad Blocker Extension. Let’s begin it:

1. Begin by clicking here to directly reach the official page of the Ad Blocker extension of Hotstar. 

2. Once you reach the page, click on the “Add TO CHROME” button. You can easily find this button in the blue appearance. 

3. Further, you need to click the “ADD EXTENSION” button to download the extension within no time.

4. Remember, once the Hotstar Ad Blocker extension is downloaded to your system. Please turn on your Hotstar videos and enjoy watching them without any unskippable ad breaks. Plus, along with HD Streaming quality and playback video in real-time sync. 

How To Access Hotstar Ad Blocker Extension? 

There’s no such rocket science in accessing this Hotstar Ad Blocker Chrome Extension. But once you access this, you can watch TV Shows, movies, and a lot more break-free on Hotstar. Now, have a look at how following these steps can help you:

1. Ensure to download the Hotstar Ad Blocker extension first on your compatible device. It is recommended either to use a macOS, Chromebook, or Windows device to install this Ad Blocker by Hotstar more conveniently.

2. After installing it, click on the “favicon,” which you can see at the top right corner of your browser. Next, again click on the “favicon,” only then can it pin the extension to your browser’s toolbar.​

3. Don’t forget to enable the extension to your device to end the process. Remember, that’s all needed to enjoy the latest and all your favorite videos on Hotstar without any ad-breaks interruptions.

4. Remember, whenever you stream via Hotstar, ensure to enable the Ad Blocker extension. Only then you will be able to enjoy seamless and ad-free streaming of videos.

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